Since 1969, customers have perceived Gap as a modern and casual clothing and accessories brand that allows them to give free reign to their own sense of style. Today, Gap remains a vital destination for finding wardrobe staples such as t-shirts, hoodies, trousers and jeans.

Gap has become a cultural reference point thanks to its selection of clothing and accessories exuding a cool and relaxed style, trusted by customers around the world.

True to its mission statement, “We Are Inclusive, By Design”, Gap Inc. is proud to create products and experiences that are popular among its customers, while working for the good of its employees, local communities and the planet.

In October 2021, HPB became the owner of the brand in France, as well as of its 21 stores, following the announcement of the strategic review of certain European markets initiated by GAP Inc. in October 2020. GAP France can draw on expertise developed by HPB, which has a portfolio of flagship brands in the distribution sector.