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Social Responsibility

Hermione People & Brands is committed to people and the planet.

Today, in order to support and assist its brands towards sustainable and responsible growth, HPB encourages them to continue their socially-responsible initiatives in favour of their respective stakeholders.

Camaieu, for instance, supports associations working with and for women. Grande Récré, via La Grande Récré pour l’Enfance, works directly with hospital staff to help sick children endure the sometimes severe treatments they need to undergo.


HPB’s ready-to-wear brands are committed to the environmental transition of their activity for more responsible fashion throughout the entire product life-cycle, including practical and recognised initiatives (e.g. the Go for Good Movement at Les Affiliés Galeries Lafayette, environmental labelling of clothes sold by Camaieu, responsible sourcing by Camaieu, Gap’s membership of the Better Cotton Initiative).

Looking ahead, HPB wants to place CSR at the heart of its overall development strategy and that of its brands through a common, ambitious and measurable roadmap which aims to initiate a social and environmental transition of activities of benefit to people and the planet, with a strong focus on young people.