The group


Our strategy

To bring together these iconic brands, each with a unique and strong identity, and anchor them through a common roadmap. The aim is to develop a platform of outstanding, powerful and prestigious heritage brands with high potential, that are interconnected, “phygital” and “glocal”.

These consumer brands complement the HPB portfolio and meet the needs of the entire family.

HPB covers distribution by providing brands with all the resources they need to create, manufacture and selectively distribute their products and services, while allowing each of its brands to flourish and to develop independently and in accordance with their own identity.

Physical stores at the heart of brand growth to develop omni-channel retail.

HPB designs digital retail with support from physical stores and its local regional network, to enable each of its brands to strike the right balance between physical and digital and offer people-centric services that best meet all the needs of customers, service providers, suppliers and employees.

What makes stores unique is their variety – points of sale offering a high-quality service, spaces for living and experience, as well as logistics hubs.


A collective promoting a shared ambition

HPB cultivates the unique nature of exemplary know-how in the collective interest of each of its brands. Its brands complement one another, ensuring that they are each a winner.

HPB enjoys sufficient purchasing power to negotiate rents and propose framework agreements, while positioning itself as a preferred contact for shopping centers and master franchisees.

This critical mass also ensures synergies in terms of data and customer service, to offer more people-centric solutions.